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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

BIOSAFE® Control ß

BIOSAFE® Control ß guarantees long-term storage via integrated fill-level control and container monitoring

Your benefits

  • Certified reliability with a proven measuring principle

  • Clear display of the container status

  • Liquid level adjustable from 0 (gas phase) - 100 %

  • Simple operation on the device and the PC

  • Flexible evaluation of logged temperatures and alarms

  • Central functions for controlling a main valve (I/O box, optional)

  • Central alarm management and forwarding to the PC

  • Includes PC software for complete documentation of the data of a cryobank

  • Modern design, customised for the new BIOSAFE® generation

Technical data

  • Display of container status

  • Level regulation via height-adjustable sensor with manipulation protection

  • Temperature sensor, measurement range -200 … +50 °C (precise to +/-1 °C)

  • Filling stop when lid is open / manual demisting possible

  • Alarm signals at:

    • Nitrogen shortage and fill-level exceeded

    • Container temperature exceeded

    • Maximum lid opening period exceeded

    • Maximum filling time exceeded

  • Alarm messages displayed in plain text

  • Processor independent and redundant monitoring of minimum and maximum alarm and software

Central functions (per network)

  • I/O box (optional) with relay for main valve, device fault, collective alarm, overheating...

  • Collecting and buffering all cryobank data for forwarding to a PC

  • Connecting up to 32 systems to a network

  • RS 232 interface to PC

  • Parameter can be set on Biosafe and on PC


  • All container parameters can be set in clear and password protected pop-up windows

  • Evaluation of the temperature curves of individual containers and all containers

  • Evaluation of the alarm signals and events of all containers

  • Container status display on PC

  • Floating alarm outputs for your building technology system

  • Analogue temperature measurement output for your building technology system (I/O box, optional)

By the way...
  • The network-capable BIOSAFE® systems are large storage containers with wide-neck openings for preserving and long-term storage of biological and medical samples in cryobanks.

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  • Vacuum super-insulated containers for freezing, transporting or storing biological samples.

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  • Programmable systems for cryopreservation of biological samples and materials.

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