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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

Transfer of liquefied gases (LIN, LOX, LHe, LAr, LH2)

In order to transport cryogenic, liquefied gases practically loss-free from "A to B", we have developed special vacuum super-insulated transfer pipes. These transfer line systems are characterised by their high thermal quality.

We take on the project planning, production and installation of your cryogenic piping systems in a vacuum super-insulated design for the liquid gases nitrogen, oxygen, helium and argon. The super-insulation enables even substantial distances to be covered cost-effectively. By consistently applying the modular principle, our experienced engineers guarantee the safe and cost-saving operation of your cryogenic plants with our piping systems. To ensure that cryogenically liquefied gas is always directly available at the point of use, components such as phase separators and gas phase separators are included in the supply schedule.

The transfer pipes can be designed in a wide range of nominal diameters with push-fit or welded couplings. Vacuum super-insulated hand-operated valves, pneumatic valves as well as pressure and level regulators complete the range of the cryogenic piping system. In order to offer you a high degree of flexibility, we have rigid and flexible transfer lines in the range of cryogenic piping systems.

Our solution:

Super insulated Pipelines

Phase separator stations

Gas phase separators


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