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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

Cooling baths, shrinking, chilling

Cooling baths: shrinking at cryogenic temperatures improves quality, is environment-friendly and makes reworking unnecessary.

In metalworking, chilling with liquid nitrogen enables an interlocking connection to be established quickly between components. The quality of the components is retained, no reworking is required.

Cryotherm, the cryogenics specialist, offers the following equipment for this application:

  • dewars of the type STELLA® (vacuum super-insulated vessels)

  • customised cooling baths and special dewars

  • storage and transport vessels

  • phase separator stations

  • piping systems

  • electronic control systems

Cryotherm works together with engineering companies, whose clients include prominent car manufacturers at home and abroad, and produces cooling baths with different geometries, equipment and transport systems.

Our solution:

Cooling baths

Cooling baths with liquid nitrogen for automated chilling of workpieces in production lines including liquid nitrogen supply and workpiece handlingequipment.


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