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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

Cryogenic systems for transport cooling

Frozen food accounts for an increasing proportion of our daily needs. To achieve optimum cooling quality, we will equip your cooled vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, interchangeable bodies and containers with transportable cryogenic systems.

Refrigerated vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, interchangeable bodies and containers can be cooled in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner using liquid nitrogen.

Cryotherm offers an all-round solution for this in the form of the CRYOGEN® Trans-System.

A vacuum super-insulated cryogenic vessel fastened to the underside of the refrigerated vehicle stores the liquid nitrogen as coolant. This liquid nitrogen then cools the refrigerated space via a heat exchanger when required. Both single-chamber and multi-chamber refrigeration are possible.

The transportable cryogenic systems guarantee constant cooling of the cargo space, even on hot summer days and when the loading doors are opened frequently. We make sure that your cooling chain is not interrupted! The system does of course function without any CFCs and is absolutely safe, with no exhaust fumes, pollutants or noise.

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