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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

Cryogenic control and monitoring technology

Wherever levels, pressures or temperatures have to be regulated in cryogenics - Cryotherm has a solution to fit.

We supply cryogenic surveillance technology for the security of cryobanks, laboratories for cryo-preservation and cryotechnology research establishments. This particularly includes data capture and data visualisation, remote monitoring and facilities for remote alarm systems.

Our solution:

BIOSAFE® Control ß



Closed Loops

Closed loops with liquid nitrogen with circulation pump, subcooler and pressure control system for vibration-free cooling of optical components, or high temperature superconducting (HTSC) cables.

Controlled Rate Freezers

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CRYO LC® (1.4 MB)

Controlled Rate Freezers (1.8 MB)